July 2018 Case Commitment Updates:
-Caroline B. (Case Commitment Coordinator) asked everyone to think creatively about who to write to in the future as well as other possible future actions. This inspired a brainstorming session about linking our tabling at the Art Hop to our DR case commitment. 
- Other possible high profile people to address include: US Ambassador to DR, State Department officials responsible for human right report (no mention of DR).
- Sandy to contact Julia Alvarez
- This month's action was a letter to the Minister of Education on behalf of J.P..

June 2018 ​Case Commitment Updates:
- Caroline reviewed recent case commitments.
- We wrote letters to the Director of Migration in Santo Domingo on behalf of J.P., who is one of many stateless people living in Haiti.

May 2018 Case Commitment Updates:
- Letters to the First Lady of the Dominican Republic were written urging positive action for J.P..

David spoke about his asylum seeking experience

Donald initiated conversation about a CVAI movie night. Additional thoughts included possibly pairing up with UVM AI for free space, possibly the Essex Cinemas, the Black Box Theatre at The Landing on Lake Street in Burlington.

April 2018 Case Commitment Updates:
- Caroline shared her PowerPoint presentation, which detailed historical events that led to the troublesome relationship between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, as well as differences in religion, politics and poverty, to provide context to the plight of J.P. and other ‘nationless’ people in the D.R.

Case Strategy:
1) Allow her to stay in school.
2) Get her documents needed to work and travel.
3) Revoke the system that led to nationless Haitians in D.R.

Members signed and / or wrote letters in Spanish to D.R. President regarding J.P.'s situation. Fran will mail them along with cards and other letters mentioned below.

March 2018 Case Commitment Updates:

Caroline B. (Case Commitment Coordinator) couldn’t be present at today’s meeting

  • Have J.P.’s DR nationality fully restored
  • Have white proof of birth cert. registered w/civil registry
  • All people deprived of recognized nationality based on 2013 court action have such restored

  • ​Gain nationality recognition
  • Ability to attend schools
  • Healthcare access

Primary Objectives
  • Gain nationality recognition

Decision Makers
​DR President Danilo Medina

Theory of Change
  • ​Save face from negative International exposure
  • Continue to recognize benefit of healthy tourism business

  • ​DR is signatory of UDHR and should uphold its stature by repealing 2013 law

  • ​Welch
  • Leahy
  • Sanders
  • Ambassador nominee to DR, Robin Bernstein (will look into her as a possible advocate)
  • *DR Tourism Board
  • *US Tourism Board
  • Julie Alvarez, author

  • ​Letter writing
  • Lobbying
  • Target US/Euro Eco Tourism boards
  • Lobby Embassy

*Carolyn S. will look into AI policy on boycotting and buycotting (US law – no products allowed in US if made with slave labor)

​Members to review and submit highlights of public documents listed on pages 9-10 of Dossier.  The highlights can reflect how the information in the document applies to J.P.s case.

​Caroline B. – 52 Organizations…
Richard S. – DR Resumes Deportation…
Carolyn S. – AI Ends Visit… and Dominican Republic must urgently face up to human rights responsibilities​
Sandy W. – Oral Statement…
Tina S. – Americas…
Donald I. – Naturalization Law…

All members urged to read  last link (8th one) on page 10 and reflect


Next Steps

​​AI Public Document Review


February 2018 Case Commitment Updates:
-  Caroline presented historical and political info shedding tremendous insight into possible ways to proceed
-  Possible multiple campaigns simultaneously. Ideas to explore:
              1. UVM student group could create and keep a penpal relationship with J.P.
              2. Campaign focused to keep J.P. in school and allow her to continue higher education if desired
              3. Travel advisory campaign / travel boycott to DR
              4. Ask Peter Welch to take an action either in favor of J.P. et al or against DR's constitution
              5. Jessica's birthday is September 3 (solidarity/birthday card campaign)
              6. Question for Kit: are we allowed to attempt to leverage the UN to bring change to DR's unfair bias against non-citizen Haitians? (Donald will follow up and report back)